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This form allows you to create beautiful HTML code and make your HTML code more readable. Online HTML formatting also decorates CSS and JavaScript between their tags.

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The service was created to instantly format any HTML code and make it more readable. The editor also improves CSS and JavaScript between tags.

What problems does this app solve?

The formatter helps to quickly see errors in the HTML structure and simplifies it. Unreadable code becomes beautiful, its source format is greatly improved. The tool shows inaccuracies, formats the code with correct indents.

Service Benefits

This is the best free formatter with advanced settings. The tool validates any HTML code, including CSS and JavaScript embedded in a page. It is convenient for the user to set up criteria for formatting HTML, CSS, JavaScript code. You can change the indentation and set the required options. Upon completion of editing, download the HTML file in a convenient format.

How to use the service

Upload a file or skeleton HTML code to the editor. Customize formatting the way you want: advanced options are available to help. Click on the "Format" button. The edited HTML document can be downloaded in .html, .htm, .txt format and opened with any text editor, or simply copy the formatted HTML code from the download field.